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certoplast 519

certoplast 519 is preferably used for cable-harnessing in the automotive industry, wherever high noise reduction and high resistance against abrasion is necessary.
The specially designed smooth polished tape surface is based on the already well known tape certoplast 514.
Because of this soil repellent surface the cable harness is well protected against dirt and also external mechanical stress (e.g. sharp edges). This is not common with existing noise reduction tapes.
The high quality synthetic rubber-based adhesive shows a high temperature and ageing resistance.

High quality polyester backing with high noise reduction, in combination with a strong, synthetic rubber-based adhesive.


  • high adhesive force
  • stable against rotting
  • free of critical substances
  • (halogens, softeners, etc.)
  • very high abrasion resistance due to polyester fabric backing
  • high noise reduction effect • no interliner
  • end fixing of winding is not necessary
  • flame resistance corresponds to
  • LV 312-1 (following FMVSS 302)
  • soil repellent due to specially designed compact tape surface