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certoplast 530

certoplast 530 is preferably used for cable-harnessing in the automotive industry.Because of its resistance and soft backing, certoplast 530 is suitable for sophisticated applications in the interior of a car.The acrylic adhesive in combination with the closed surface of the backing offers very good heat resistance and resistance to a various number of solvents like fuel, oil, etc., so that the tape is ideal for applications in the engine area and directly at the engine.Furthermore the soft backing gives a noise reduction effect.

Non-woven and non-decomposing polyester fleece, non-abrasive and yet soft, in combination with an aging-stable and strong UV-acrylic adhesive.


  • high adhesion force
  • stable against rotting
  • free of harmful substances
  • free of solvents
  • excellent resistance against fuels / oils etc.
  • non-abrasive
  • temperature resistance 3000h / 150째C depending on the cable type
  • short-term temperature resistance up to 175째C
  • cold resistant
  • soft backing
  • flexible
  • high mechanical stability (no ladder forming)
  • uniform unwinding force