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certoplast 5900

Place self-adhesive velcro창 strip on the desired substrate and press on. Place velours-wrapped cable harnesses in the centre, then bend up the side parts and press on to fix to the sides of the cable harness.

Self-adhesive mushroom-head velcro창 strips for permanent fixing of velours-wrapped cable harnesses etc. to car body parts. The amount and size of the mushroom-heads are specially designed for the velorstapes certoplast 594 / 595, in order to design the best possible fixation.


  • The acrylate-based adhesive is coated in the centre of the material. This allows for a greater area of contact and connecting strength between the velours-wrapped cable harness and the velcro창 strip. The ratio of width of the adhesive film to the total width of the velcro strip can be optimized according to customer wishes to fit the width of the cable harness. The adhesion of the acrylate adhesive is excellent. The good starting stickiness increases upon ageing and is reinforced upon heating. The adhesive can be used in the temperature intervalbetween 40째C and +120째C, varying according to the substrate.The product is protected by a utility model.