531 S
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certoplast 531 S

certoplast 531 S is based on the adhesive tape certoplast 531. To gain a highly flexible harness, the adhesive coating is only applied up to 40% on the upside and bottom side of the tape. Because of this the tape does not stick to the harness, but it forms a flexible cover.
By means of the specially designed robust tape surface it is suitable for challenging applications at the interior of the car.
Additionally the soft construction restrains disturbing rattle noises. The connection of adhesive and adhesive guarantees a secure bonding.

High quality polyester non-woven tape with a strong, synthetic rubber-based adhesive.
The coating is applied on both sides of the tape according to its width progressively increasing.


  • high adhesive force
  • stable against rotting
  • acoustic insulation rate C according to LV 312-1
  • flexible and easy to handle • soil repellent due to specially designed compact tape surface
  • good temperature resistance
  • can be unwind equably
  • no ladder builing
  • good media resistance
  • tearable by hand