514 L
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certoplast 514 L

certoplast 514 L, a version of certoplast 514, is an especially designed flexible
lengthwise application of cable harnessing in the automotive industry.
By means of the specially designed smooth polished tape surface, a soil repellent and
permanently flexible cable harness is obtained which, compared to many other tape
materials (e.g. PVC, viscose, non-woven), is very well protected against external
mechanical stress (e.g. sharp edges). 

High quality polyester fabric tape with especially smooth polished surface, in
combination with a strong, synthetic rubber-based adhesive.


  • high adhesive force
  • stable against rotting
  • free of critical substances (halogens, softeners, etc)
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high mechanical stability in machine processing
  • flexible and easy to handle
  • soil repellent due to specially designed
  • compact tape surface
  • good media resistance
  • flame resistance class A according to LV 312
  • tearable by hand
  • with perforation available