Textile electronic insulation tapes have beenmanufactured on Lichtscheid in Wuppertal since the 1920s. Based on this tradition and expertise, certoplast has continuously expanded its product portfolio and currently supplies four main sectors:

certoplast is a global supplier for wire harness manufacturers in the automotive sector as it provides tapes for bundling and protecting wire harnesses.

Electrical engineering
In the area of electrical engineering, certoplast offers VDE-certified [certified according to the Association of German Electricians] insulated tapes for the installation and repair of electrical systems.

Insulation craftsmanship and construction
For the area of insulation craftsmanship and construction, certoplast offers various products including aluminium tapes for insulating heating and air-conditioning piping, adhesive tapes for sealing vapour barriers as well as self-sealing butyl rubber tapes e.g. for sealing leaks.

Industrial and other applications
Our adhesive tapes can be used in many other application areas beyond the above-mentioned sectors.