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certoplast 595

certoplast 595 is preferably used for cable-harnessing in the automotive industry. It is suitable for sophisticated applications and is especially applied wherever high noise reduction and high resistance against abrasion is necessary.The high quality acrylic adhesive offers very good heat and media resistance and shows an excellent ageing resistance.

Very high-quality polyamide velours, non-abrasive and yet very soft, in combination with an ageing-stable and strong UV-acrylic adhesive.


  • high adhesion force
  • very flexible - end fixing of winding is not necessary
  • very high noise reduction effect
  • high resistance against abrasion
  • high temperature stability
  • excellent media resistance against fuels / oils etc.
  • extremely soft surface
  • high tensile strength
  • stable against rotting
  • free of critical substances
  • easy to handle - no interliner