Close cooperation with the automotive industry and the results gained from intensive research make it possible to develop high-tech products that fulfil the manifold requirements for wire harness covering in automotive manufacturing. Based on this expertise, we globally supply the wire harness providers for European, American and Asian carmakers. On account of our continuous development work, we are able to currently offer three different kinds of tape constructions for bundling and protecting wire harnesses.

Classic tapes
These tapes are suitable for manual or machine processing and are applied in a spiral and overlapping manner around wire harness / wire harness areas.

Tube Tapes
Contrary to the classic adhesive tapes, Tube tapes are coated on both sides, but not across the entire width. These tapes are used like classic adhesive tapes in a spiral and overlapping manner around wire harnesses/ wire harness areas. The adhesive coating is designed to wrap adhesive upon adhesive, which ensures especially flexible wire harnesses.

Wrappings are rectangular textile sections that are coated with adhesive strips. These are wrapped lengthwise around thewireharness section. Usually, the fixation strip is fastened to the wire harness, and the wrapping is permanently sealed with the sealing strip after folding it over. The processing time is minimal.